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I realize I haven’t posted any sort of artwork here in the blog since I re-opened it. And I don’t really have anything to post, since I haven’t been that in touch with my artsy side for what feels like a long time now, because―well, you already know about my adulthood/work/passion struggles and shit. And I’ve been dealing with those for, like, two years now, at least. I used to be in front of Photoshop all the time, making stuff all the time, but that interest has been shoved down the bottom of the priority pile with everything that’s been going on. And besides, I haven’t had much reason to play with graphics in the first place, because, um, hello, crazy hospital shifts and duties. To apply graphic arts into that world would be a bit of a stretch.

But anyway. Now that I am able to function better, and now that I think art isn’t something that distracts me from my (new) (still not sure if worth it) career path and instead sort of complements it, I want to gradually go back into making stuff again. Just for kicks. I’ve been doing some brushwork and lettering here and there (I prefer doing manual stuff now over digital) but I’m nowhere near good enough to brag about it just yet, haha. But, like, I still want to bring my Photoshop mojo back, and I desperately need more practice, so let’s see if I could manage to motivate myself into getting back into the zone. For now, dun dunnn, I’m introducing the Feature category in the blog.

One of the things I’m thankful of is the existence of TSPH, for the purpose that it’s given me an excuse to keep making stuff. (Even if they’re all pathetically Taylor Swift-related. Haha.) It still pushes my creativity (from time to time) and that’s never a bad thing. These stuff I’m gonna feature now were actually designed ages ago―and yet they make up my latest roster of digital artwork, how sad is that? lmao―but I received the actual products just fairly recently, so I can only feature them now. (But somehow I’m still not over the absurdity of having my simple designs being made into actual products. Which people actually buy. And wear. How ridiculous is that?!)

So um, occasionally, I get asked to design merchandise that would be produced to generate funds for the street team. I can’t really help out with the shipping and handling so the designing is all I could contribute. I also don’t get paid (haha) (I just get the items for free, which I guess is my payment) but that’s fine, cus I enjoy the process anyway! Here are designs I made recently:

  • Seagulls bracelet — This remains one of my favorites out of all the designs I’ve made for TSPH. It’s so cheesy, I love it. At the time I got asked to make it, the Red era was over, but 1989 hadn’t been released yet, so all that I had for stylistic inspiration was the album cover design and the lyrics for Shake It Off. I ended up making something out of Taylor’s seagulls pullover and her handwriting on the album cover. Wasting tons of paper and Sharpie ink trying to imitate someone else’s penmanship was a low point in my life, lol, but I’m super happy with the result! And I wanted to avoid the lyrics infringement route, so for the words, I just browsed Taylor’s many comments to her fans on her social accounts, and chose this one:

    If they don’t like you for being yourself, be yourself even more. Every time someone picks on me, I’ll think of you in the hopes that every time someone picks on you, you’ll think of me… and how we have this thread that connects us. Let them keep living in the darkness and we’ll keep walking in the sunlight. Forever on your side, Taylor.

    (Read her full message here)

    So now I like to think of it as a friendship bracelet, like it represents Taylor’s promise that she’s forever on your (the bracelet-wearer’s) side, and at the same time you’re also promising Taylor that you’re forever on her side. Which is so disgustingly cheesy, I know. But yaaaasss. The bracelets are unfortunately all sold out now. | original design

  • Seagulls notebook — This was a bit lazy, just the bracelet design made into a notebook cover, because I couldn’t for the life of me get inspired by the official 1989 artwork enough to make a new design. I don’t dig it at all. I’m really a minimalist so the art style for Red was just everything to me, and to say I was disappointed by the retro but messy overall look of 1989 would be an understatement. Oh well. | order here
  • #MamaSwiftProject bracelet — This was produced for charity, at the wake of the revelation that Taylor’s mom has cancer. Since we couldn’t use #SwiftStrong (it was someone else’s idea), I just came up with For a Swift recovery (not particularly inspired, but pun intended!). And although I have issues with the Kabel typeface (meh), I found the way letters got combined in the headings of Tay’s album booklet fascinating, so it was nice to practice using the Pen tool to achieve that style. (It makes me hope I have a future playing with Illustrator. Haha) | original design | order here

P.S. If you do decide to buy, don’t be too surprised if I’m not the one to reply to your inquiries, since, again, I’m not the one handling the sales. Just the designer. But thanks for your patronage! 🙂

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