And That’s The Way I Loved You

Continuing the series of reviews of Taylor Swift’s albums I’m writing (by anon request), here are my thoughts about her second studio album, Fearless. As before, I avoided listening to the album for months before playing it in full in one go in order to write this review.

Feature: TSPH Merchandise

I realize I haven’t posted any sort of artwork here in the blog since I re-opened it. And I don’t really have anything to post, since I haven’t been that in touch with my artsy side for what feels like a long time now, because―well, you already know about my adulthood/work/passion struggles and shit. And… Continue reading Feature: TSPH Merchandise


So. Of course I have to begin this with a disclaimer: This is a post of my thoughts on Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, and you do not have to read it if you do not want to. It’s more for a couple of people – or maybe just one person who asked more than once —… Continue reading MCMLXXXIX

Tonight I’m Gonna Dance For All That We’ve Been Through

Fair warning: This is a Taylor Swift post. I mean, I kind of made a resolution not to be super fangirly on this blog anymore, but look, I’m not gonna lie, everything is Taylor Swift right now. She just announced a whole bunch of new music-related stuff a couple of days ago, a thing that… Continue reading Tonight I’m Gonna Dance For All That We’ve Been Through