I choose as is.

I was sorting through my old Firefox bookmarks and found this from like five years ago. I am wondering how it resonated with me at the time, because I don’t remember coming across it, but reading it now, man. I feel this, and agree with this, and believe this, at this age more than ever. And–surely… Continue reading I choose as is.


closed; no poetry today,the poet is too sick and sadand the universe is making her head spin unless of course the dizziness is a direct result of looking too longat the spinning globe of future problems closed; can’t create today,thought too much about how useless a talent this is in the long run, thought about the people she lovedwho died… Continue reading Wingless

Letters To You, #4

Going to cheat a little bit—this isn’t a letter I wrote, but a letter I like to imagine was written for me. It’s something I keep going back to. Last year. This year. Probably forever. … Here, where I am surrounded by an enormous landscape, which the winds move across as they come from the… Continue reading Letters To You, #4