Hello, world! As you know, my life sorta hit a pause button for three and a half years as I went back to university, but I am happy to report that Finally, Things Have Happened: In a span of (literally) three weeks and five days, I passed my thesis (together with my thesis partner), officially… Continue reading Play.

2016: April

The other side of waiting. All that … longing (years! months! days!) for a thing that’s over in a few hours, if even that. I’d like to say that it’s usually worth it. But it rarely ever is. Still, no matter the results, I’m glad I’m here at the other side. In fact, I kind… Continue reading 2016: April

Letters To You, #3

Posting this against my better judgment… But since it’s timely… Fine. (See this post first for context.) Here’s a funny story. So, like, this semester I have a class called FYDP (1), which means First Year Development Program. Yes: First Year Development Program. To state what should be obvious—I kind of hate this class. I… Continue reading Letters To You, #3

The Road Not Taken

Hi. So. I might as well address the elephant in the room―I’m back in college again this semester! Pursuing something that I truly (desperately) want for a change. I’m not sure if it comes as a surprise to most people, if it seems like something that just happened all of a sudden―I just wanna say… Continue reading The Road Not Taken

Journal Excerpt: Bones and Muscles and Skin

Re-reading anything Maggie Stiefvater triggers dark, dark thoughts. March 14th, 2015. It’s like the whole thing has been forgotten, brushed under the rug, like it somehow did not actually happen, and I am feeling a plethora of emotions I can’t even name, but primarily—I’m angry. At myself, mostly, because it’s my own fault for continually… Continue reading Journal Excerpt: Bones and Muscles and Skin

Throwback: Cowardly

Originally posted on October 4, 2013. More good old Med school drama! Yay! (Fake enthusiasm! Whoop!) May 14, 2013 I keep having to remind myself that I’m always around a person who is pregnant. PREGNANT. Having a baby in a few months’ time. An actual baby. It’s so surreal. Maybe a lot of this disbelief… Continue reading Throwback: Cowardly