Ides. A list.

  • This is gonna be short, because my writing juices are a figment of the imagination at the moment. I think the stifling heat of each passing afternoon has evaporated whatever’s there. Send help.
  • The semester has ended. It’s been pretty chill. Life’s been pretty chill. Not easy, mind you—just less intense. More breathing space. Less self-doubt. I’ve always loved that Huxley poem“Lightly, lightly”—I am beginning to live it.
  • My mother watched 3 Idiots yesterday and I was in the same room, so I watched it with her. I’ve already seen it before, years ago, and loved it, but how strange and wonderful and timely it is to see it again, now, when I can actually say I’m chasing my own passions, not anyone else’s, and I’m going to school (again) to learn, not just to get good grades. Maybe it was a bit late but at least I am getting there. Excellence over success. All is well.
  • Catching up with sleep. Microwave popcorn. Conversations with my mom. Perfectly-cooked rice. Dipping my toes into Doctor Who and Marvel’s Daredevil. Baking. Coding just for the fun of it. Meeting a new puppy. Cousins. A to-be-read pile I haven’t started on yet—but the fact that a good number of books are patiently waiting for me is comforting. Do not disturb. Breaks are so good for the soul.  
  • I always ask this every month but it’s never not mindboggling—how the heck is it halfway through October already?

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