This is my struggle regarding this blog: There’s only a teeny tiny part of me that still wants to share stuff on the Internet. For the most part I’m all, let them wonder what I’m doing! There was a time when some people really did get to see a glimpse of who I am because I have been so confessional in my profiles, but since being offline for so long I’ve grown more comfortable in imagining people asking “How is she doing?” and the default answer being “I don’t know.” That the only way people will know is if they actually interact with me in real life. Like, you want to know how I’m doing? Talk to me. In person! (Not that I’m readily available to talk to, being the hermit that I am. But yeah.) I kind of like the idea that I’m not giving complete strangers the bits and pieces of my life that could form a puzzle. All I’m now willing to give away are the inconsequential bits.

Which, obviously, almost completely goes against the idea of blogging.

So you see my struggle here?

There’s a part of a creative person that always has the urge to be all, “Look at what I made! See?”

And there’s a part of an introvert that’s always like, “Shit! Human beings! HIDE.”

And I am, frustratingly, a bit of both.

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